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The future of commissions

Fri Apr 27, 2018, 2:13 PM
I'm starting to take my commissions far more seriously and are now no longer using the points system unless sent by the widget. I have set up a few commission examples and such but if your wanting something more then you must ask me about it and use the appropriate widget.

New factors like time and detail will come into play as I feel people are abusing the cheapness with overly complex characters and I feel I'm spending huge amounts of time on for pittance. Before anyone complains I can spend up to 10 hours on days off and about 3 hours after work drawing commissions and a lot of the time they take more than 10 hours because I put a hell of a lot of effort into what I'm making. that in my job would be the same as £67 and yet I get possibly $5.

Commissions are not a long term thing, they're a way to help with bills and food and so I'm forever grateful to anyone who orders one. That being said I want to cut my hours down at work and start focusing my full attention on my comics and ambitions.

Thank you for understanding :) 

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